For Ladies – Blushing Bride

Sam Scarborough is one of South Africas leading Professional Make up artists. She has top end clients and works for companies such as: Miss South Africa, IDOLS SA, Miss Earth SA, Jo Borkett and Fair Lady to name a few.

She has written a series of articles and tips for make applications which will be posted here.


Whereas foundation is used to create an even skin tone, using blusher and bronzer in certain areas is wonderful for creating contoured and sculptured features.

Here are a few contouring tips:

  1. Choose a bronzer powder slightly darker than the shade of your foundation. Using a big powder brush, dust bronzer around the entire outside of your face. What this will do is create a radiant “glowing” and sun-kissed look.


  1. Pick a rosy colour for blush, and apply colour in sweeping strokes from the ear towards the apple of the cheek. Make sure to apply to just underneath the cheekbone. This will push this area “away”, in essence sculpting and accentuating the cheekbones.


  1. Above this colour, use a shimmer highlighter (MAC have great Skin Finish shimmers) and apply on the actual cheekbone. This will highlight it and bring it “forward”.


  1. Use a brighter pink or peachy colour for the apples of the cheek. This creates a healthy, fresh look.


Not sure what sort of shade blush to go for? Cool blondes and brunettes should choose a pinky shade, whereas a peachy shade will better suit warmer redheads.

Blush away!


Sam can be contacted through her website